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Paragon Jams is a cottage food operation that makes artisanal, small-batch jams in a home kitchen in the Los Angeles suburb of Culver City. We use organic fruit and herbs wherever possible; we buy local whenever we can (which in Southern California is ridiculously easy... usually). 

pj.terry2.jpgTerry Sweeney, founder and chief jarhead of Paragon Jams, has been making jam since 2001, and frequenting local farmers' markets even longer. He also works as a personal coach and a food writer, and has contributed to American Food Roots and Eric Gower's Breakaway Cook blog; he examined the sustainability of insects as food for Future Cities (and can never think of crickets in quite the same way again).

Sweeney was also the 2011 winner of KCRW's annual pie contest (savory category) with his Persian tart, distinguished by the fact that no Persian in recorded history ever made or consumed anything remotely resembling this meat pie. 

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